F1 Visa Coaching - Home Study Bundle

F1 Visa Approval On Your Finger Tips

F1 Visa Home Study Bundle Includes Two Courses

> F1 Visa Self Prep Guide - Tips and Trick to Prepare for the Interview

> Insiders Guide to F1 Visa Interview - Interview with Former U.S. Visa Officer

Former U.S. Diplomat (aka Consular Visa Officer)'s feedback about F1 Visa Coaching Process

Welcome to F1 Visa Interview Home Study Guide. You are thinking, how is this Home Study F1 Visa Interview Guide different from F1 Visa Coaching.

As the name suggest, it's Home Study. It's a Self-Prep F1 Visa Interview Prep Guide.

How Home Study Guide is difference from F1 Visa Coaching

You will get access to same contents (video guide) as F1 Visa coaching.

In addition to that, you have access to the F1 Visa coaching Strategy Calls, Mock Interviews I did with F1 Visa Coaching members.

So, you can watch how I coach and create strategy for F1 Visa. And you can do follow my advice and create a strategy and prepare for your F1 visa Interview at your own pace.

Mock Interviews: You can watch me do Mock Interviews with students who came for F1 Visa Coaching. Have your friend or family member do a Mock Interview with you.

What's Not Included? One on One calls with Raghu is not included in this F1 Visa Home Study Guide.

What if I want to get F1 Visa Coaching? After you get access to this Home Study Guide, and feel that you want to upgrade to F1 Visa Coaching, you can pay the difference in the cost and upgrade to F1 Visa Coaching.

Here's Feedback Videos from Previous Coaching Students

Parents Share their Feedback After Son Got his F1 Visa

Ravi's F1 Visa Coaching Feedback

Gitesh - F1 Visa Approved After Rejection

A disclaimer: I'm not an Immigration Attorney. I'm helping you based on my experience gained from my F1 Interview experience and helping other students. If your situations require an Legal Professional Help, I can recommend Immigration Attorney's for you to talk to.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What is my F1 Visa approval chance with this course?
This F1 Visa Home Study course is crafted based on dealing with complex visa interviews experiences from coaching clients. As you know, this is a self-prep course. Visa Officers are the one who has the FINAL authority on your visa approval. Using this course, you would be attending the interview with much better confidence and answers (not a copied answers from online).
Do I get to Strategy or Mock Interviews with Raghu?
This is Home Study Course. There are no consulting calls with Raghu. It's self-contained course designed to teach you how to craft answers for the most common F1 Visa Interview Questions. You can always upgrade to coaching at any time.
Is it possible to upgrade to F1 Visa Coaching?
Yes, you can upgrade to F1 Visa Coaching by paying the difference between Home Study and Coaching Fees. Refund Policy doesn't apply when you upgrade.

Courses Included with Purchase

F1 Visa Coaching - Home Study
F1 Visa Approval On Your Finger Tips
Raghuram Sukumar
F1 Visa Interview Tips from Former Visa Officer
Tips from Former Visa Officer to Ace Your Visa Interview
Raghuram Sukumar

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