F1 Visa Group Coaching Bundle

Learn From Others Mistakes and Ace Your F1 Visa Interview

Welcome to F1 Visa Group Coaching.

How is this different from F1 Visa Coaching (One on One)?

It's pretty much the same. You get the same personal attention with an added advantage of learning from others mistakes and learn 3 more strategies from other students.

You can see how F1 Visa Interview Strategy is Crafted, framed with others students in your Group. That gives you more learning opportunity.

Plus, you can also see mistakes others, learn from them and make sure you will not repeat the same.

What is the format for Group Coaching?

  • Maximum of 4 students per Group
  • And Minimum of 2 per batch is required
  • 2 Sessions per Group
  • Each Session is 30 Minutes
  • 7 days between each session to practice
  • Session 1 - Group Strategy Call
  • Session 2 - Group Mock Interviews

When the Sessions are Offered?

Here's an sample sessions for Group Coaching:

Session 1 - Saturday - June 24 at 11 AM EST (8:30 PM India Time)

Session 2 - Saturday - July 1 at 11 AM EST (8:30 PM India Time)

Can you book Session 1 for June 24 and Session 2 few weeks later?

As of now, you have to book both sessions at once. By this, you will complete the interviews coaching as a group, watch the mock interviews.

My interview is a month from now, can I register for later sessions?

I'm opening one session at a time. When they fill-up, next batch will open-up. I'm offering this for the first time. So, I have to see the demand and adjust he schedule.

What if I miss one session?

Plan in advance to attend both sessions. There will be no make-up session. If you miss a session (or two), you would have to rejoin a new batch.

What if a batch doesn't fill? Say Only 2 students don't join?

Consider yourself lucky. You will still get both the sessions as scheduled.

What if Only one student joins?

Consider yourself lucky. You will still get both the sessions as scheduled for a maximum of 15 minutes per session.

Will the Introductory price change?

It's subject to change and its way cheaper then one on one coaching, plus you get an opportunity learn from 3 more students on same one on one setting. Who wouldn't want that kind of experience?

This course is not open for enrollment.