F1 Visa Rejection Review

Here's Gitesh Talking About His F1 Visa Coaching Experience. His F1 Visa was First Time, then he came to me for Coaching.

The first step to a overcome an F-1 Visa denial is to understand why your F1 Visa was rejected in the first place.

Sometimes, I have seen students with multiple rejections. It's not always easy to figure out why you were rejected. Even if you figure out, next question set of questions comes your way:

  • What can be done to get the F1 Visa next time?
  • Is it even possible to overcome the rejection?
If you were rejected one or more times, then it's very likely that you don't know the reason for rejection or don't know how to overcome the reasons.

What Happens During F1 Visa Rejection Review:
Step 1: Schedule a 15 minute F1 Rejection Review Meeting
Step 2: We will meet via online video conferencing and discuss your profile and find reasons for rejection.
Step 3: You should get reasons for rejection and what can be done to get Visa Again

What will happen in the F1 Visa Rejection Review meeting?

  • Analyze your previous F1 Visa Interview
  • Analyze your academic profile
  • Analyze your answers to visa interview questions
  • Analyze other factors (personality, communication, nervousness, etc).
  • Find reasons for rejection
  • Chances of Approval if attending interview again

Should I Join F1 Visa Rejection Review or F1 Visa Coaching

  • Did you DECIDED to attend F1 Visa interview again, Then join F1 Visa Coaching instead of F1 Visa Rejection Review.
  • If you are not sure if you should try for one more attempt, then Get F1 Visa Rejection Review.

Can I upgrade to F1 Visa Coaching After F1 Visa Rejection Review?

Yes, you can upgrade to F1 Visa coaching after the Rejection Review.

Disclaimer: I'm not an Immigration Attorney. If your situaion is complex, I would refer you to an Immigration Attorney. We focus on how your answered the question and what can be done to answer better, and communications skills and other factors.

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