The Green Card Process Simplified

How to Navigate the Green Card Process from OPT, STEM OPT and H1B Visa

There are Factors that you can have control over among the above three areas - Your, employer and Immigration.

Those who control factors are the one's who get their Green Cards in much faster pace.

Form this Green Card Process Simplified Guide, you will learn the following:

- The Road Map to the Green Card

- People Involved in the Green Card Journey

- Step by Step Process for EB1, EB2, EB3 & EB5

- How Green Card Wait Times are Calculated (Math & Numbers)

- How to Deal with Job Loss and New Employment

- When to Change Jobs and When to Stay Put

- How to Predict the Green Card Dates Movement

- Self-Sponsoring Your Green Card (Yes, it's possible)

- Difference Between Green Card Categories

These are essential information that you need to know to navigate the Green Card Process with expectations.

Course Curriculum

  Green Card Process - Session 1
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  Interview: Applying for Green Card While on OPT
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Available in days
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