Guide: Cap-Exempt H1B Visa

Step by Step Guide to Find Cap-Exempt H1B Visa Sponsors and Job

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Learn how to find Cap-Exempt H1B Visa Full-Time job and Sponsors from someone who ran out of time on OPT and came-up with an Action Plan and landed at Cap-Exempt Job. You can follow the same steps to find a Cap-Exempt H1B Visa employer (& job).

It's extremely hard to find an Employer who can qualify under Cap-Exempt H-1B Visa. Right after the lottery process, H-1B applicants, OPT, STEM OPT folks scramble to find an H-1B Vamp Exempt employer to find a job and H-1B Sponsorship.

Especially, when the OPT or STEM OPT is about to expire and they get desperate to find legal ways to stay in Status and continue to work in the U.S.A.

So, what's included in this H1B Visa Cap Exempt Guide?

There are three interviews

1. An hour-long interview with someone who has successfully created a plan to find an H1B Camp Exempt Employer, then cleared interviews to get the job and H1B Cap Exempt sponsorship.

2. Interview with Tina, on how she landed an Internship and Converted Intern into Cap Exempt H1B Visa Sponsorship.

3. Interview with Bindhu (She was deciding between Cap-Exempt Jobs vs Camp Based Job Offer). Discussion on how to decide between the two offers.

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Interview with Tina (Trailer)

From H4 to F1 to OPT (Cap Exempt H1B Employer)

Interview with Bindhu (Trailer)

Deciding Between Cap-Exempt vs Cap Based Job Offer

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