H1B Visa 101

Guide for First Time H1B Visa Applicants

Are you are applying for H-1B Visa for the First Time this upcoming H-1B Visa Season?

Do you want to know the path that lies in front of you?

As you navigate this year's H-1 B Visa season, you are going to run into several questions about this process and this short and easy to digest H1B Visa 101 guide is designed to be explain the H-1B Visa concepts from applicants view point in layman terms.

The actual application process involved with H-1B as far applicants are concerned remains the same for several years now. But, the situations surrounding the applicants changes and that's what makes this process from the applicants point of view more complex.

Good Luck with your H-1B Visa season and this guide will help to kick start your learning process.

Class Curriculum

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