H1B Visa Lottery Guide

What Happens After Applying for H1B Visa

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Are you applying for H1B Visa this year?

H1B Visa Lottery Guide explains the Step by Step H1B Visa Lottery Application Process with timeline of events.

Topics Covered:

-- H1B Visa Process Overview

-- Data and Date Analysis from Previous Lottery

-- What to Expect - April to October (while Premium is Suspended)

-- What to Expect - Month by Month (March to October)

-- Processing Times, RFE Queries

-- Communication Flow Chart (Direct Hire vs Consultant)

-- Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Premium Processing is Suspended and Timeline

Biggest impact this year will be due to suspension of Premium Processing. Previous years with lottery there was a set pattern of events.

What Else Do You get?

You are going to go through various stages and every new update that's coming form USCIS will lead to more questions.


USCIS announced they reached the cap and you are going to ask

"How is Lottery confirmed, there's no mention of word Lottery in the announcement"

A week later, you are going to ask,

"How do I know if My application is selected in the lottery?"


"My friend applied from the same company, he came to know the result, but I haven't heard anything"


"How do I know for 100% if my employer applied for H1B"

And the list goes on and the questions will continue until Premium Processing resumes or Approvals starts to come.. several months from now.

Not to mention the some unique and uncommon scenarios that I have observed, documented for the previous year Lottery Process.

This H1B Visa Lottery Guid should give answers to your most common questions (& contents are updates as more updates from USCIS are published).

I understand this H1B Visa Approval is going to be Career and Life changing Event in your life and I wanted to help you navigate this phase of your life with help of knowledge I have gained from covering H1B Visa over a decade. For some, that's well before you heard the term H1B Visa!

Get started now!