F1 Visa Interview Tips from Former Visa Officer

Tips from Former Visa Officer to Ace Your Visa Interview

Meet Former U.S. Diplomats and Consular Officers (aka Visa Officers) - Jon and Blake.

They answered over 40 questions about U.S. Visa Interview Process that we barely get insights.

Here's sample list of questions Jon answered:

  1. Give a good answer to "What do you plan to do after your studies in USA"
  2. What do you type in your Computer when applicants is answering your questions?
  3. What tips or any preparation advice would you like to suggest to increase visa approval chances?
  4. What if the student hasn't yet planned anything for after completing his studies in the states, what to answer in this situation when asked about future plans?
  5. Does the appearance of applicant matter for visa approval?
  6. What happens after DS-160 is submitted? Do you look at their profile before the interview?
  7. How do figure out if they are lying to you?
  8. After denial, if an applicant argues with you, does this impact their future chances?
  9. Do you save their answers for future interviews?
  10. Give as a real examples of good answers that convinces you for a student interview.
  11. When 221g is issued, what happens behind the scenes?
  12. After Rejection, some applicants change to different consulate for their second interview. Does the location of Consulate impact visa approval chances?
  13. In DS 160, there is a question like do you have family/friends in USA? what is the purpose of this question? what is the impact on the application if he/she giving false information?
  14. How does taking or not taking a loan affect your visa decision? (it may be a partial loan or 100% loan)
  15. Does taking an afternoon visa interview time decrease the visa chances(even by a slight percent) compared to the morning visa time? (a myth going on everywhere please comment on this if it’s true or not)

Well, that's a sample list of question that we covered during 1 Hour and 45 minutes long interview.

We covered lot more than what's listed above.

About Jon:

Jonathan Matzner is an experienced US Diplomat, business professional, and EB-5 specialist. Jonathan was most recently posted to Dubai, United Arab Emirates where he served as both a consular officer and in the Political/Economic section.
During his service, he worked and traveled around the world on behalf of the US Government, and significantly expanded the Consulate's political, economic, and commercial contacts using deep regional expertise and Arabic language skills.
In his role as a consular officer, Jonathan performed over 20,000 US visa interviews, and is an expert in US Immigration laws, regulations, and policies after obtaining his consular credentials from the George P. Shultz National Foreign Affairs Training Center.
Prior to joining the Foreign Service, Jonathan was a management consultant in the Fortune 500, and worked on the staff of the US House of Representatives and the US Department of Defense.
Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Pennsylvania.

About Blake:

After graduating from Texas A&M University, Blake moved to Washington, DC where he began his career in international policy and business. As a consultant and analyst for a Fortune 500 company, he was involved in a wide variety of advanced management and strategic advisory projects for the United States Government.

Blake parlayed this experience and expertise into an appointment as a foreign service officer at the United States Department of State. Blake attended the Foreign Service Institute where he received his credentials as a consular officer, gaining knowledge and proficiency in US Immigration laws, regulations, and policies.

While serving as a diplomat, Blake worked extensively in South Asia on consular affairs, as well as political/economic matters. Blake moved from the South Asia region to Europe, most recently having worked on multi-lateral diplomacy in Vienna on a range of topics to include international treaties and high-profile negotiations. Blake is currently based out of Geneva.

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