[PPV Webinar] Visa Revocation - Case Study + FAQ's with Mandy from ArgoVisa

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  • When: Saturday, Sep 11, 2021
  • Time: 2 PM EDT
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Where: Zoom Webinar

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What can you expect to learn from this Webinar?

Folks associated with the infamous 4 companies would have to attend a visa interview at some time in your future.

So far we have the only handful of folks who ventured to attend the visa interview. One person came on a webinar to share his interview experience (Sharan - if you remember). His interview has been taken down since then (as per his request).

Folks who attend interviews are going through long interviews (hours or multiple interviews). So, Argo Visa has been helping students prepare for the interview by proving written letters or other strategies that applicants can take with them during the interview.

You will hear directly from Mandy from ArgoVisa (A former Visa officer herself) about a client they helped with Visa Interview. It's a complex interview and things got messy after the interview.

No one can know what will happen to your visa interview, but the best you can do is prepare for the interview expecting the worst-case scenario.

When you really don't have a lot of experience to read online or learn from, Mandy is going to share the first-hand experience from one of their clients.

I hope that you learn from this experience and get ready for your interview (when you attend it).

I know that you have to overcome the following:

  • CBP (who departing the USA)
  • Attend Visa Interview and Get visa Approved
  • Overcome CBP questions

I hope to give as much help as possible, so you can be better prepared for your upcoming journey.

Disclaimer: This even is for information purposes. Consult with a legal professional for immigration questions.

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