Travel Guide to USA

Pre-Departure Orientation Workshop

Who Should Buy This Guide?
First-time Students Traveling to the USA and their parents who are helping them pack the suitcase and purchasing items.
Here's a feedback from a Mom Who Watched This Video
"I did not know, I have to know so much information about packing and what not to buy before sending my son to the USA for his MS degree in New York"
After my visa is approved, I went to buy Suitcase. There were so many sizes, shapes, and cost. I did not know what to ask or what to buy.
I ended up buying something that I thought was good, but later realized it cost me so much in long run. You can see the exact same suitcase that I got over a decade and what suitcase we use today for our International Travel.
That's just a beginning.
Then comes what clothes and dress to buy. How many books to buy, followed by electronics, food items, etc.
After you have collected everything and weigh them, you are 10 to 15 kgs overweight.
Then you favorite aunt would ask you to take a gift to her daughter, which you can't refuse. That's another 2 Kgs.
So, how do you manage to pack and what would you leave out?
Well, Shop n Pack Module will help you sort through the pile and help you with buying the suitcase to packing.

As you move along, you have to buy flight tickets. Student's always looked for cheap flights. But, cheap is not always the better options. I share my 15 years of flying to help you buy affordable flights that should help you have a wonderful first trip to the USA. That's where Book n Fly Module is going to come in handy.
After you land in America, it's time to settle down, get used to new life and culture. Then start your education. How can you be an "A" grade student? I will give you tips to get settled and be on your way to have a productive student life. So, I created Settle n Study Module to help you with your acclimitizing process in a new country.

Travel Guide is not just any guide. It was produced from years of packing, flying and living in USA (&raising a family).

Get started now!